Renewable Energy Converter Water Cooling Plant

With the increase in wind turbine power and unit capacity of solar power, the cooling method of generators, converters and inverters is gradually changing from air cooling to water cooling. The renewable energy converter water cooling equipment independently developed by Goaland adopts standard cabinet design, compact structure. Fully considering the limited installation space and various operational requirements (such as uncontrollable performance and randomness of the wind, dramatic load fluctuations of wind turbine influenced by the wind speed, all kinds of fan running load and factors of photovoltaic power generation, like environment, sand, etc). It can work with the effects of frequent cut-in and cut-out as well as vibration. Also can run under harsh environment of cold, windy and so on for long. Meanwhile, Goaland has also developed marine-type water cooling systems to meet the cooling needs of offshore wind turbines and photovoltaic power generation.

Application Areas

The converter, generator and gearbox of a wind generator set; Photovoltaic power inverters and Nuclear power generation.

Typical Cases