High Power Electrical Drive Converter Water Cooling Plant

Electric drives, motors, power devices and control devices, such as large motors, high power inverters, high voltage converters and other equipment, have been more and more widely used in industrial processing and manufacturing. With the increase in power, their heat dissipation becomes difficult. Harnessing new water cooling technology, Goaland has developed a modular water cooling system and solved this problem. Its appearance, structure and heat dissipation performance can perfectly match the equipment to be cooled and it has been applied to electric drives and control systems in fields like magnetic levitation, gas compressor stations, ships, mine hoists and electric locomotives etc. With compact and user friendly modular design, it is easy to repair and maintain.

Application Areas

High and medium power frequency conversion device, electric locomotive traction converter, explosion-proof converter, oil transport pressurization station, base station, ship, mining machinery, medical treatment etc..

Typical Cases