Kindle hope with love

release time:2019-06-19

On June 12, Yueyang Goaland joined hands with two love enterprises to donate a total of 125,000 yuan for binhu primary school in yunxi district for the campus greening project.

Before 2017, binhu primary school in yunxi district had a poor teaching environment with no modern teaching equipment and often faced with water shortage. Teachers had to do their best for the children.After learning about this situation, Goaland donated to binhu primary school for several times since 2017. This time, she donated 105,000 yuan, including 40,000 yuan to dig a well for water and buy water purification equipment for the school, so as to completely solve the water problems for teachers and students.65,000 yuan donated to renovate the school's activity site, green the lawn and repair the dormitory of the staff.

Children are our hope, and education is the foundation of a strong country. This time, Mr. Tang came to binjiang primary school and mentioned that "the development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the strong support of governments at all levels and all walks of life in society. While the enterprise continues to develop, it is our common responsibility to actively participate in social welfare undertakings, repay the society and nurture the next generation.

Gao Lan obtained in the process of rapid development of the society from all walks of life support, drips of tu, when yongquan, we hope to have more opportunities to repay society actively, we just hope that through our actions, to advocate such a love fashion in society, let's focus on the entire society all around us every people and things in need of help.