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Goaland Becomes One of the Nineteen Enterprises Initiating “The Belt and Road”

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Promoting global green development and building “the Belt and Road” hand in hand


2016 International High-level Dialogue Ecological and Environmental Cooperation under the Framework of the Belt and Road Initiative opened in Shenzhen Low-carbon City on December 11th and 12th, 2016. Over 200 attendants from countries along “the Belt and Road”, international organizations, China’s central government, Chinese organizations and enterprises focused on the topic “reinforcing environmental protection and promoting the construction of green ‘the Belt and Road’ ”, communicated and shared green development ideas and practice, and sought for cooperation in ecology and environmental protection.


Over 20 Chinese renowned enterprises were invited to attend the dialogue. Goaland was invited as the only high-tech manufacturing enterprise, which not only indicates that our green idea “release more energy with less resources” has received national recognition, but provides a stage for Goaland to further promote the development of green and low-carbon economy. Goaland will make greater achievements in the field of new energy and energy conservation technology guided by “the Belt and Road” Strategy.



Mr. Guan, Vice General Manager of Goaland attended the Dialogue (the Third from right, Row 2)


The Dialogue was jointly hosted by Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and the Municipal Government of Shenzhen. Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Mr. Solheim, U.N. Deputy Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and other guests participated in the opening ceremony.


Harnessing the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms and current regional cooperation platforms, “the Belt and Road” is to use the historic symbol, “the Silk Road”, persist in peace and development, actively develop economic cooperation with countries along “the Belt and Road” and share common benefits, destiny and responsibilities with mutual political trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion.



The Initiative of Performing Enterprises’ Duties In Environmental Protection and Co-Building The Green Belt and Road was released during the Dialogue. Goaland becomes one of the nineteen enterprises initiating “the Belt and Road”, approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce. Goaland announced green initiative on the stage of the Dialogue with international leading enterprises, promoting the “Green Silk Road” strategy.



On the stage of “the Belt and Road”, Goaland will continue to harness its advantages, follow the principle of resource saving and environmental protection, insist on rigid environmental standards, perform social duties, create regional green supply chain and contribute to the construction of “the Belt and Road”.


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