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Goaland Scholarship, Stimulating Students

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On December 26, 2015, the award ceremony of 2014-2015 school year "Scholarship for Majors of Water Quality Science and Technology and Energy Chemistry Engineering” was solemnly held in the lecture hall of the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University. Delegates from 13 companies attended the ceremony. Guo Xinli, the Party Secretary of the School, made a speech. The respresentatives of winners made acknowledgments. Wang Chuanzhong, the Deputy Party Secretary and Vice-president, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.


Group Photo (The second person from the left of the front row is the representative of Goaland.)

Wuhan University is the alma mater of Li Qi, the Chairman of Goaland, and Wu Wenwei, the General Manager of Goaland who spent their wonderful youth there. Nowadays, with successful careers, they are contributing to their alma mater with deep gratitude. They have established Goaland Scholarship at Wuhan University since 2012 with an annual donation of RMB 100,000 for the needy students.

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Group photo of the representative of Goaland (in the middle of the front row) and holders of the scholarship

Chen Liping, the Overseas Marketing Director of Goaland, represented the Company to attend the ceremony as a representative and delivered an address to express the expectation and blessing of the Company to all of the students at Wuhan University.

1. The youth is priceless and shall be cherished. Director Chen shared the special interview with Wu Xiaobo, an independent finance author and talked about her confused early life. She pointed out that youth was beautiful yet short. Wuhan University was an ideal platform longed for by numerous students. She hoped that the students there could cherish the opportunity of studying there and valuable time of youth.

2. Do everything even trivial and start from myself. Goaland Scholarship has been established for four years. Though it is a small amount is, we endeavor to contribute by small conduct. We'd like to help students in need one by one and pass on the power of kindness and love.

3. Specialize and succeed in your field. Energy Power is a promising field, related to national welfare and people's livelihood. Goaland is an energy conservation enterprise. We have the same objective to improve the environment and bring benefit to human beings and next generations. We hope students can be skillful in their majors. Be excellent, be proficient, and be successful.

4. Develop comprehensively and broaden horizon. As the person in charge of overseas market, Director Chen had deep understanding of the importance of both professional skills and proficiency in English. She hoped that students could learn English well and employed English to see a freer and broader world.

5. Do not forget the original determination. Otherwise, you will not succeed in the end. Challenges are all-pervasive. Each individual sometimes gets helpless and frustrated. Lastly, Director Chen wished everyone to have companions to strive together on the way to success. If not, she wished everyone could be their own sun which shone and warmed every corner on the way.

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Chen Liping, the Overseas Marketing Director of Goaland, delivered an address at the award ceremony.


Goaland Scholarship, Stimulating Students

On December 26, 2015, the award ceremony of 2014-2015 school...[Check the details]


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